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Happiness Habits | 10 Day Course to Give You Tools to Become Your Happiest Self

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Happiness Habits | 10 Day Course to Give You Tools to Become Your Happiest Self

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Research shows that happiness is a choice – you just need to learn what will make YOU happy. Like anything else, happiness is a habit that we must choose day in, and day out. Think about how much negativity is all around you from social media, the news, our colleagues, and even our friends and families! We have to take control of our happiness or else unhappiness will control us.

Happiness Habits teaches you to make Happiness a Habit. Each day, you receive a new proven happiness tool based in positive psychology, the science of human flourishing. You’ll receive both information about the tool, including why it works, and specific instructions on how to practice it.

By the end of the 10 Day Happiness Habits practices you will have the tools to:

• Have a daily practice to increase positivity and joy
• Know your personal strengths and how to use them for more success
• Identify your passions and take action toward living them
• Flip your negative self-talk into self-love
• Create community with like-hearted people

Take control of your happiness now! It’s YOUR time to take control of your happiness, to make joy a habit, and to live your most authentic, fulfilled life!

***You will receive an email including a PDF worksheet DAILY the course***

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