About Carin Rockind

Inspiring, Encouraging, and Empowering You to be Your Best

I’ve wanted to play “big” my entire life. I’ve known that I was here for something – to make a difference, to do something meaningful. You are too. We all are.

Unfortunately, I let perfectionism, other people’s opinions, “shoulds”, practicality, and fear get in the way, and I lost myself.

Maybe you can relate. When you forget who you are, you become unhappy.  You feel lost. You feel stuck. You feel like something’s missing. Because it is… YOU!

But you can discover yourself again. You can uncover your purpose, create an intentional life, and shine. I’ve done it and so can you.

Every single one of us is meant to shine. You have all you need. Every challenge has given you strengths. Every joy shows you what you want. I will help you discover your strengths, uncover your purpose, shift your negative thoughts, and take courageous action toward creating a life you love.

Welcome, Love, Welcome.

about Purpose

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m quite obsessed with purpose. Here’s why: We all want to be happy. And I bet that’s what you want for your kids. But most of us don’t know how to be happy. Society has taught us that success will make us happier, so we strive for achievement. We think that the more money we have, or the bigger our house is or the better looking our spouse is, we’ll be happier. However, nearly 100 research studies show that the opposite is true… happier people in every aspect of life. Happier people are physically healthier, they have longer marriages, make more money, and get more promotions.

But what is happiness? We’ve come to believe that it’s found in short-term pleasure like shoes, or wine, or a vacation. And they they do make us happier. For a moment.

When the shoes become old and the promotion gets taxed and the cake is on our hips, we’re quickly unhappy again.

True happiness is deeper. It’s that sense of fulfillment you get when you impact someone’s life. It’s the gratification you feel when you achieve something you never thought you could. It’s meaningful and soulful and transcendent. True happiness is Purpose.

Research shows that people with purpose have greater overall life satisfaction. That even on crappy days (and we all have them,) purpose makes you feel that your life matters. Purpose gives you direction, it keeps you committed to your goals, it allows you to contribute your unique gifts, and make a difference in the world.

Every single one of us is here for purpose. I know this because no one has your specific talents, strengths, passion and wisdom. Purpose isn’t a job title like “accountant” – it’s uniquely, actively impacting the world. Purpose is shining your full bright light on the world. It’s feeling so lit up about life that you naturally light up others.

I “found” happiness when I discovered my purpose. And so will you.

xo Carin Rockind